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Welcome to David's digest, a curated collection of thoughts and musings on Education and Longevity.

Exploring Education and Longevity

Through this website, I will dive into these exciting fields of Education and Longevity. Expect to find a collection of thoughtful articles and personal insights. The aim? To build a community of fellow explorers, spark conversations, and learn together. Join me on this journey of discovery and see where it leads!


In today's rapidly advancing world, the intersection of technology and education stands as a frontier of untold potential. As a current MBA/MA Education candidate at Stanford, my eyes have been opened to the transformative power of education technology (EdTech) - from broadening access to knowledge to personalizing learning experiences. This blog emerges from my desire to contribute to the conversation surrounding this dynamic field, to share my insights, and to learn from others. More than that, it's a testament to my professional transition into venture capital, where I aim to support the most innovative EdTech startups that will shape tomorrow's learning landscape.


During my first year of MBA at Stanford, I took a class titled "Longevity: Business Implications and Opportunities", which kindled a newfound interest in the study of human longevity. The idea of harnessing science, technology, and lifestyle changes to extend not just our lifespan, but the quality of our years, struck a chord with me. This blog on longevity serves as my exploration into this fascinating field, sharing with my readers the cutting-edge developments, intriguing studies, and potential lifestyle adjustments that could significantly influence how we age. Parallel to this, my dive into longevity is a reflection of my professional trajectory into venture capital, where I am keen on supporting businesses dedicated to expanding and enhancing human lifespan.

About me

My earlier professional life led me through an enriching journey in the world of engineering and tech consulting. These experiences sparked a desire within me to further explore the transformative potential of technology, particularly in education, and the captivating secrets of human longevity.

Currently, I am carving a new path for myself at Stanford, pursuing a dual MBA/MA in Education, focusing on Learning Design and Technology. This educational experience allows me to pivot into the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship.

In my free time, I find joy in team sports - basketball, soccer, muay thai - and culinary adventures, sampling and creating dishes from various world cuisines.

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